Wilkes University

Spanish Club

The mission of the Spanish Club is to provide quality activities for the student body in accordance with their expressed wishes, interests, and needs.

This is done with the support of the student body, funding from the Student Activity Fund and student government, and the authority granted to us from the Department of Student Activities at Wilkes University.

Quality recreational, social, and cultural programming is provided for all students. 

In other words, the Spanish Club is a great organization!

We bring brings coffeehouse-style artists, comedians, concerts, lectures, films, fun and games, and large dances to the Wilkes community. Oddly enough, this organization is composed of students from all over that volunteer their time and talents to make a difference on campus and gain essential life skills in the process.


Come to the party. Come to the dance.

Come with us to Philadelphia or New York City. Have a good time and relax at our events. Our events range in flavor. We try to cater to all students throughout the year by bringing events on campus that are artistically or culturally significant to open your mind to a diversity outside the norm.

Any Wilkes student can attend events planned by the Spanish Club and club co-sponsors.

To join as a general member, (meaning you help make decisions), attend our general board meetings or look for postings regarding individual committee meetings and join us for one.

More Information

For more information, contact Dr. Paola Bianco.

Wilkes University - Spanish Club

To join the Wilkes University Spanish Club, simply attend any general meeting or contact Dr. Paola Bianco.