Wilkes University

Biology Club

White-water rafting. Hiking. Horseback riding. Canoeing.

If these are the kinds of things you like to do do for fun, the Bio Club just might be your kind of place!

Biology Club students pose at Club Day

Don't get us wrong -- we do serious work too. Our members volunteer at the Wilkes-Barre SPCA and clean up our section of adopted highway at the River Street ramps of the Cross Valley Expressway. In 2003, eight club members went to Hawaii to present their research at the American Society of Plant Biologists meeting in Honolulu, and in 2004, eight club members went to Florida to present their research at the Orlando meeting.

We also plan trips to places like the Philadelphia Zoo and the Franklin Institute. Slightly more bizarre activities include the infamous Giant Madagascar Cockroach Races and Club-versus-Club Gladiator Competitions.

The Wilkes Bio Club is a university sanctioned organization dedicated to providing students with a means to gather, share ideas, get to know each other, and enjoy recreational activities. In our meetings, we discuss club policies and brainstorm about activities and fundraisers. Also, the Bio Club Room is always open so members can hang out and talk any time of the day or week.

Anyone with an interest in nature and fun can join.

You don't even have to be a biology major. E-mail us or just come to our next meeting for more information.