Wilkes University

Living Learning Communities (LLC)

I Love WilkesLiving-Learning Communities , by design, help to facilitate conversation and learning far beyond the traditional classroom setting and allow students to engage in profound discussion, dialogue, and meaningful interaction in the place where students spend the majority of their time—in the residence halls.

Studies show that students who participate in learning communities, in general, and in living learning communities, in particular, have more frequent interactions with peers and faculty, higher classroom attendance rates, higher cumulative GPAs, a greater sense of engagement with the campus community, and higher participation rates in faculty and peer mentorship programs than their non-learning community peers. Living-Learning Communities promote a sense of “belonging”—to the campus, to others who share similar interests, and to the academic community of the University. Each Living-Learning Community has a dedicated Faculty member who works closely with the Resident Assistant to develop engaging extra- and co-curricular activities that expand and enhance learning! Within the LLC there is a combination of residential and commuter students. The residential students live together within the same hall and commuters are invited to join the community as well!

Learning Through Leadership

Wilkes StudentsLeadership harnesses the talents and imagination of the group to deal with the important issues of community, nation or world. This learning community is a unique opportunity for any student who has an interest in leadership. This learning community approaches leadership from the standpoint that anyone can effectively lead if they genuinely understand themselves, the situation, and the members of the group to be lead. 

Cross Cultural Dialogue

Newly formed, this unique community offers students an intercultural living environment that embraces all forms of diversity. Students will be encouraged to engage in dialogue about social justice, diversity, and inclusivity and develop tools to move beyond tolerance to understanding and empathy with people of different backgrounds or situation. For more information e-mail evene.estwick@wilkes.edu.

Requirements Students interested in this LC must be enrolled in the Cross Cultural Dialogue FYF course. Space is limited and selection will be made based on FYF enrollment.

Learning Without Walls

Wilkes StudentsWilkes University’s Learning Without Walls LLC is an on-campus student residence focused on environmentally sustainable living. This will serve as a classroom and laboratory in support of student leadership and stewardship as students focus on individual impact on the community, region, nation, and environment. Students accepted into the LLC will commit to reducing the university's carbon footprint, serve as role models for other students, and take part in an active outreach program to promote sustainable practices on campus and in the local community. For more information e-mail marleen.troy@wilkes.edu.

Requirements Students participating in this Living-Learning Community must be enrolled in the “Learning Without Walls” FYF course. Space is limited and selection will be made based on FYF enrollment.