Dr. Ferdowsian has 30+ years of demonstrated and progressive industry experience. This experience includes:

  • Three international business startups in Malaysia, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.
  • Engineering management.
  • Factory automation.
  • Ethics/corporate responsibility.
  • Workforce, organization and leadership development.
  • Staffing.

He is the CEO-Partner of SteadiWare, a startup company that will be helping millions of patients with serious hand tremors using patented and noninvasive eating utensils. He serves Wilkes University as part-time Professor of Business Administration with two areas of concentration:

  1. Management/Leadership
  2. Ethics and Business Excellence.

Dr. Ferdowsian has received 19 division/outstanding awards at Intel Corporation and published 64 peer-reviewed technical/non-technical papers. Amongst his publications are:

  • “Ethical Solutions—Creating an Ethical And High-Performing Business Community” (2009)
  • “Total Business Excellence—A New Management Model for Operationalizing Excellence” (2016)

He earned a doctoral degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, an MS degree in Applied Information Management, and a BS degree in Computer Science.