Title Body

Lucy Howard Sordoni

My commitment to Yoga and Pilates is a daily practice which has developed over many years.  My interest in the body and movement began during my youth, when I trained as a gymnast and eventually became a coach. I gravitated towards Yoga  initially for the love of dynamic movement. What I later discovered was rich in Philosophy,  guidance and community.  My gratitude and enthusiasm lead me to teacher training and In 2009 I qualified from the Shakti Spirit school in Bali.

Pilates has proved to be essential for me in the last two years. I began to realize how important core strength is to overall physical health. Being a very mobile person I felt at times my range of movement was not supported by enough strength. After just one class I felt a difference. I now feel supported and safe in everything I do. My posture has improved and as a result no longer suffer from lower back pain.

My Passion for education and experience has taken me to many parts of the world. My home town of London where I completed qualifications in Choreographed fitness, Personal Training and advanced Pilates. I have also travelled to Thailand to learn Thai Yoga Massage, Costa Rica to volunteer in a self sustainable community and finally my current home of PA, USA Where I lovingly teach at Balance Yoga.

My hope is to lead each student to a full heart and open body!