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Dr. Patel holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. After earning her PharmD, Dr. Patel completed a pharmacy practice residency with an emphasis in psychiatry at the Saint Barnabas Behavioral Health Center in Toms River, NJ. During her residency, Dr. Patel served a visiting lecturer at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy of Rutgers University. Dr. Patel brings considerable training to her position in the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy and Nursing. Her area of specialization is the pharmacotherapeutic treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders. Dr. Patel will have teaching responsibilities within the pharmacotherapeutics course sequence and longitudinal care. She will also precept fourth year pharmacy students during their clinical rotations. Dr. Patel’s practice site will be the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Bethlehem ,PA.