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Ka Lok Hong

Ka Lok  Hong

Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Hong received his Doctor of Pharmacy (2011) and Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (2015) from West Virginia University. He continued his post-doctoral research at WVU, prior to joining the Wilkes faculty in Fall 2016. He is also a registered pharmacist in the State of Maryland.

Dr. Hong teaches a variety of subject areas, such as Human Anatomy & Physiology (and Lab), pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of over-the-counter, pulmonary and central nervous system medications, microbiology and immunology. He has also developed an elective course in Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology. Dr. Hong is beginning to integrate research learning experience in a didactic undergraduate level microbiology course, where honors students can take part in.

In addition to teaching in the Pharm.D. Curriculum, Dr. Hong serves as thesis advisor and committee member for students in the MS Bioengineering program, Synthetic Biology track. He also teaches in selected topics in the new MS Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry program.

Selected Publications since 2016:

  • KM Abraham, M Roueinfar, AT Ponce, ME Lussier, DB Benson and KL Hong* 2018. “In vitro selection and characterization of a single-stranded DNA aptamer against the herbicide atrazine” ACS Omega, 2018, 3 (10), 13576-13583
  • KL Hong* and LJ Sooter 2017. “In Vitro Selection of a Single-Stranded DNA Molecular Recognition Element against the Pesticide Fipronil and Sensitive Detection in River Water” International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 19(1), pii: E85
  • VR Yadav, KL Hong, DC Zeldin, L and MA Nayeem, 2016 “Vascular endothelial over-expression of soluble epoxide hydrolase (Tie2-sEH Tr) enhances adenosine A1 receptor dependent vascular contraction in mouse mesenteric arteries: role of ATP-sensitive K+ channels” Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, 2016 Nov; 422(1-2):197-206

Invited Book Chapter:

  • KL Hong* 2018. “Chapter 5: An overview of DNA/RNA based monitoring tools and biosensors. Benefits and applications in environmental toxicology”, In SK Brar, K Hedge & VL Pachapur (Eds.), Tools, Techniques and Protocols for Monitoring Environmental Contaminants.Under production, to be published in September 2019 by ELSEVIER

Lab website: https://klhonglaboratory.weebly.com/



  • Wilkes University, School of Pharmacy Curriculum Committee, Fall 2016 – Present
  • Wilkes University, School of Pharmacy Student Affair Committee, Fall 2018 – Present
  • Wilkes University, Institutional Review Board, Fall 2017 – Present
  • Wilkes University, Faculty Handbook Subcommittee, Fall 2018 – Present


  • Wilkes University Outstanding Advisor Award – School of Pharmacy, May 2018