Title Body

  • Degrees with fields, institution, and date

    Ph.D.            Syracuse University                         Solid State Science

    M.S.            Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute            Metallurgical Engineering

    B.S.                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology            Metallurgy

    Years in academia, date of original appointment, and date(s) of promotion

    ·       Years of service: 38
    ·       Original appointment: 1971
    ·       Associate professor: 1975
    ·       Professor: 1981

    Other related experience

    ·       5 years Sylvania Electric Research
    ·       8 years IBM Watson Research Labs

    Professional development activities (2008-09)

    ·      25% - To generate the laboratory manuals for the physics 201 and 202, ME 332 and the EE337 courses, and to teach courses in EE, ME, and Math Departments

    Percentage of time available for research or scholarly activities: As needed

    Percentage of time committed to the program.

    ·       75% Physics
    ·       25% EE

  • Awards
    ·       15 Summer Faculty Research Awards at the Brookhaven National Labs in Upton New York

    ·       2 Summer Faculty Fellowships at the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena California

    ·       2 Fulbright-Hayes Fellowships in Porto, Portugal and Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

    ·       1 Summer Faculty Fellowship at the Solar Energy Research Labs in Golden, Colorado

    ·       1 Summer Faculty Fellowship at the Hanscom Air Force Base in Acton, Massachusetts

    ·       1 Summer National Canadian Fellowship at Nova Scotia Technical College in Halifax, Nova Scotia