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Dr.   Jennifer  J.  Edmonds

Assoc Dean/Dir Grad Program
Sidhu School of Business

Dr. Jennifer Edmonds is currently the Associate Dean in the Jay S. School of Business & Leadership, holds the rank of Associate Professor of Statistics and Operations Management, and most recently served as the Department Chair of Finance, Accounting and Management (FAM) Department until Fall 2016. As Chair, she brought collaboration, collegiality, energy and innovation to the Department and as a teacher, she has been helping students develop and sharpen their quantitative and analytical skills that allow them to evaluate real-life situations. Dr. Edmonds earned her doctorate in Management Science and MBA from Rutgers University and also holds Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining the business education community, she worked as a Process Engineer at Dow Corning Corporation in Michigan for several years. Throughout her tenure at Wilkes, Dr. Edmonds has taught numerous face-to-face, hybrid and online courses across the University locations (both in Pennsylvania and Arizona), including guest lectures at Punjabi University in India. Dr. Edmonds’ research interests focus on efficiency, sustainability and a better workplace. She has also served Wilkes University through numerous Department, School and University Committee leadership positions including Interim and Acting Dean of the Sidhu School of Business, the Tenure and Promotion (TAP) and the Student Life and Media (SLAM) Committees.


·         Edmonds, J. (2010) A Framework for a Teaching Philosophy in Quantitative Methods. International Conference on Learning in Hong Kong; July 2010

·         Raineri, E., Frear, D. & Edmonds, J. (2010) An Examination of the Academic Reach of Faculty and Administrator Bullying. AAUP: Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education in Washington, D.C.; June 2010.

·         Edmonds, J., Armstrong, R. (2009). A mixed integer programming model for multiple stage adaptive testing. European Journal of Operational Research 193 (2009), pp. 342-350.

·         Edmonds, J. (2009) Just How Civil are Your Rights? Northeastern Pennsylvania Undergraduate Leadership Conference in Scranton, PA; November 2009.

·         Frear, D., Edmonds, J. (2007). The Influence of U.S. Presidential Elections on Exchange Rates. Presented at the Pennsylvania Economics Association Conference; June 2007

·         Armstrong, R., Edmonds, J. (2004). A study of multiple stage adaptive test design. Presented at the National Council on Measurement in Education Annual Meeting, San Diego, California; April 2004.

·         Armstrong, R., Little, J. (2003). The assembly of multiple stage adaptive tests. Presented at the National Council on Measurement in Education Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois; April 2003.

·         Little, J. (2002). Adaptive systems: hypermedia, workflows, and learning environments. Presented at the KPMG PhD Project Information Systems Doctoral Students Association Conference, Dallas, Texas; August 2002.

Other Presentations

·         Edmonds, J. (2009) Legal Events & Changes in Civil Rights. Delivered to Undergraduate Business Students at Wilkes University.

Edmonds, J. (2008) The Impact of Global Climate Change. Delivered to Business Students at Wilkes University.

Outstanding Faculty Member, 2007-2008

Outstanding (Academic) Advisor Award, 2007-2008

Board Member, Step By Step, Inc., 2007-present

Excellence in Teaching Award, 2006-2007, presented by the National Society of Leadership and Success

Reviewer for the European Journal of Operations Research, 2007-present

Proposal Reviewer for 2005 National Association for Multicultural Educators (NAME) Conference

KPMG Scholar, 2001 – 2004

Rutgers Newark Graduate Center Fellowship Recipient, 2000-2004

Attended the 1999 KPMG PhD Project Conference in Chicago, IL