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Daniel S Longyhore received his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Wilkes University and completed post-graduate residency training at Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia, South Carolina and the St. Louis College of Pharmacy/Mercy Family Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and the Director of the Pharmacy Preceptor and Learning Program. Dr. Longyhore has earned his Master's Degree in Education and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He is an active member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) and faculty member with their Teaching and Learning Academy. His education interests include performance-based assessment, curriculum design & assessment, and instructional design. 

Dr. Longyhore is Board Certified in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (BCACP) and serves as the ambulatory care preceptor for the PGY1 pharmacy residency at St. Luke’s University Hospital. He is a member of the iForumRx editorial advisory board and chair-elect for 2020 Eastern States Conference for Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors. His practice interests include disorders of the endocrine system (osteoporosis, diabetes), behavior-change counseling and shared-decision making, and implementing strategies for evidence-based practice at the point-of-care.


Pharmacy Care Lab series
Integrative Medicine & Nutrition
Ambulatory Care Introductory & Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences


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Service, Honors, Awards

Chair-elect, 2020 Eastern States Conference for Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors
Director, Wilkes Pharmacy Precepting and Learning Program

Editorial Advisory Board, iForumRx.org
2018 Wilkes University Alumni Mentoring Award