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Dr. Anne Heineman Batory teaches in the marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, and leadership development areas at Wilkes.  In addition to teaching and several administration positions in higher education, Dr. Batory has served as consultant for consumer and research issues in such diverse industries as health care, higher education, television, consumer goods, and site location.  Dr. Batory is a frequent presenter at marketing conferences and the author of several articles which have been published in The International Journal of Learning, the Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Economics and the Journal of the American Academy of Business.  She is the recipient of several awards for teaching excellence, advising, and campus leadership. 

Dr. Batory participated in the International Beauty without Borders, a comprehensive program of educational support empowering Afghanistan women to develop their entrepreneurial competencies and attain economic self-sufficiency, and developed curriculum for the Afghanistan Business Council for Peace, University of Kabul.