Wilkes University

Payment Plans

Participation in the Installment Payment Plan

Enrollment in the Installment Payment Plan should be completed immediately upon receipt of the University invoice. The current outstanding balance will be divided into three equal installments for the Summer Semester and five equal installments for the Fall and Spring Semesters, with the first payment due August 15th for the Fall semester. Access to the plan can be made via Wilkes' secure Web site located under the Student Services tab/My Account. . Students must enroll each semester

Participation in the Employer Tuition Deferment Plan

Deferred payments for employer reimbursement and third party payer arrangements will be permitted, provided the student has made application and received approval for this plan at least two weeks before the first day of the semester. Applications for Deferred Employer Tuition Deferment are available on the Wilkes Web site. Graduating seniors are not eligible for the deferred payment option.

Enrollment in a Third Party Sponsored Tuition Coverage Plan

If the student is expecting to receive financial support from ROTC, Veterans Rehabilitation, The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, or other third party sponsored tuition plan, which is not already listed on the invoice, deduct the approved amount from the "Calculated Total Due." Please indicate the source and the anticipated amount of coverage on a copy of the invoice when remitting payment for the adjusted balance.