Wilkes University


Attendance at all scheduled classes is expected and required. Repeated absences are a sufficient cause for failure.

Instructors are expected to 1) inform students in writing of their attendance policy at the beginning of the semester; 2) take attendance and report excessive absences to the Dean of Student Affairs; and 3) discourage absence from classes prior to the beginning of a holiday period.

After five consecutive instructional hours of unexcused absences from a class, students may be readmitted to the class only by action of the Office of Student Affairs and the department chairperson concerned.

Any absence beyond that permitted in the course is a matter between the student and the instructor. Absences due to illness, religious holidays, or participation in athletic or other University sponsored activities are usually considered to be acceptable reasons for absences, but notification of such absences and arrangements to make up missed work should be made with the instructor by the student.

In the unfortunate event of a death in the family, students are asked to contact the Office of Student affairs so that notification might be sent to faculty members and arrangements made with them to assist students in making up work missed.

If students are ill and will be missing a test, examination, or presentation, it is their responsibility to contact the instructor by phone the day of the test.

When students are going to be absent for a period of two days or more, if they notify the Office of Student Affairs, written notification of their extended absence will be sent to the students’ instructors.

It should be understood that the Office of Student Affairs is not responsible for granting excuses for class absence.