Wilkes University

Business Analytics, Minor


Business Analytics Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Bulent Erenay

Total number of credits required for a minor in Business Analytics – 16

With a minor in Business Analytics, students will achieve the following collective outcomes: demonstrate knowledge of statistical data analysis techniques utilized in business decision-making; demonstrate use of teamwork, leadership skills, decision-making and organization theory; integrate information technologies with data science methods to extract value from data sets; apply quantitative modeling and data analysis techniques to the solution of real world business problems, communicate findings, and effectively present results using data visualization techniques; and think critically about the business implications, meaningfulness and applicability of observed data patterns and analytical inferences.

The Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership offers a 16-credit minor in Business Analytics.

The following 7 credits are required of all students taking the Business Analytics minor:

BA-119 Data Analysis in Excel


BA-391 Business Statistics


either ACC-341 or MGT-257 


 Plus 9 credits from the following elective course list:

ACC-219 Financial Statement Analysis


BA-419 Quantitative Decision Making


FIN-219 Financial Analysis


FIN-319 Financial Derivatives


MGT-357 Business Transformations in the Digital Economy