Wilkes University

Fall and Spring Full-Time Tuition

The unfunded cost of full-time tuition and fees will be paid or satisfactory arrangements made with the Bursar's Office two weeks before the day on which classes begin. Unfunded costs are defined as the total of all appropriate charges for tuition, fees, room and board, etc., less the total of all approved financial aid awarded or credited to the student account for each semester or other instructional period. Satisfactory arrangements are defined as:

  1. enrollment in the Monthly Payment Option plan 

  2. participation in the deferred employer Reimbursement plan; and 

  3. enrollment in one of the third-party, sponsored tuition coverage plans (ROTC Scholarship, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of the Blind, etc.).

If the payments in full or satisfactory arrangements are not made two weeks before the first day of class each semester, the registration for that semester will be cancelled and the student will not be allowed to attend classes. Students whose accounts are two payments late will be cancelled from the Monthly Payment Option plan and the full unpaid amount will immediately become due and payable.