Wilkes University

Recommended High School Preparation

In order to best prepare for the academic demands of collegiate study, undergraduate applicants to Wilkes University are strongly encouraged to follow a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum throughout their secondary educational experience.

Such a curriculum generally includes four years of progressive course work in English, three years of mathematics, two years of science (including, at least, one laboratory component), three years of social studies, and an introduction to computing. Some degree programs may require additional curriculum completion for science and mathematics. Although not required, the faculty of the University recommends this schedule of progressive course work as a foundation for collegiate level study and for admission to the University. Many undergraduate degree programs at Wilkes University have additional college preparatory course requirements. General and special requirements for secondary course work are described more fully in the Admissions section of the Wilkes University Web site at https://www.wilkes.edu/admissions.

Elective courses in the secondary educational experience should be drawn from academic subject areas and chosen with care to reflect individual interest and proposed college major areas of study. High school electives supportive of college academic majors include computer science, foreign language, communications, the fine and performing arts, and specialized technical courses.

Applicants whose college preparation curriculum does not follow the pattern described may still qualify for admission to Wilkes University if there is other strong evidence of the student's readiness to engage in college-level work.