Wilkes University

Refund Schedule


Cancellation of Enrollment

Time of Withdrawal

On or before the first day of classes

Tuition and Fees

The University will cancel 100% of the tuition charges and fees, less a deposit of $300, if written notice of cancellation is received by Student Services and the Office of the Registrar on or before the first day of classes. Failure to submit proper written notification will result in the assessment of full charges. 

NOTE: This policy applies to all students, including military students who receive TA funding.

Time of Withdrawal

Policy guidelines for refunds processed after the first day of classes are as follows.

Tuition and Fees

Students who withdraw from Wilkes University will be entitled to an adjustment of tuition according to the following schedule:

Fall and Spring Semester

First week


Second week


Third week


Fourth week


After the Fifth week

No Refund

Summer Sessions



Pre-Session, Session I & Session II: first week


Evening Session: first two weeks


After stated period, all sessions

No refund

Change from Full-time to Part-time Status and Reduction of Part-time Load

See schedule for Total Withdrawal

Adjusted charges are based on the number of credits remaining after the change of status or reduction of course load. Changing from full-time to part-time may also affect the financial aid package.

 Refund Schedule*(ABBA Program)

Withdrawal or Drop Date Based on Percentage of Course Completion Tuition Adjustment (Less Fees*)
0-13% course completion (includes first class session for all courses)  100%
14-20% course completion  75%
21-27% course completion  50%
28% course completion- end of term  0%

*All fees charged by the university are non-refundable

Room and Board


Fees and Deposits The student shall pay the full cost of housing, dining, and deposits upon the receipt of an invoice from the University. For current and resuming students, we are not currently charging a housing deposit. For entering first year and transfer students, your housing deposit is included in your overall admissions deposit; no additional deposit is required with this agreement.

Refund Policy Cancellations are governed by the terms as outlined in the Student Handbook. Failure of the student to occupy the reserved residence hall by the first day of classes of either semester without prior written notification to the University will result in forfeiture of the room without refund of the housing deposit. All refunds of housing and dining charges are governed by the Refund Policy as defined in the current Student Handbook.

Reflecting the Wilkes University Refund policy, students will be entitled to a full refund if they withdraw or are approved to cancel their housing contracts before or during the first week of classes. Students will receive a 75% refund in their second week of classes, 50% in their third week, and 25% refund of room and board charges at their fourth week. Students are responsible for the full room and board charges at the fifth week of classes and beyond. The Director of Residence Life or her designee can make exceptions refunding any unused portion of paid rental fees for students called into active military service or who withdrawal for reasons beyond their control.


All resident students are required to participate in one of the Colonel Dining Plans below. The dining plan is for the sole and exclusive use of the student who contracts for the service. The student's official photo identification card is the only acceptable method used to gain access to the dining facilities. Meal Plan options are based on the food service provider. Please refer to Dining Services for additional information.

  • •First year resident students (students who have not previously been enrolled full-time in college or have earned fewer than 24 credits) must choose the Colonel Gold, Colonel Gold Plus, or Colonel Gold Premier plans only.
  • Sophomore & Junior resident students may choose between Colonel Gold, Gold Plus, Gold Premier, Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Premier plans.
  • Senior resident students (90+ credits) may choose among any Colonel plan or the Senior Value Plan.

Dining plan changes to Fall semester contracts are not permitted after August 1. Dining plan changes for Spring semester are permitted only during the official dining plan change period of October 1 through November 15.

Dining plan selections are contracted for the full academic year, with the exceptions for change requests noted above. Unused Dining/Flex Dollars will be carried over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester, but will not be carried over to the next academic year. At the end of the Spring Semester all unused swipes/Dining/Flex dollars will be eliminated and are not refunded. Dining plan cancellations will follow the same refund schedule as housing assignments.