Wilkes University

Student Advisement

University College coordinates the Freshman Advising Program and regularly collaborates with and provides training for academic advisors throughout the academic year to ensure student success.

Specially selected faculty members and administrators have been designated as Freshman Advisors on the basis of their knowledge of curricular matters and, more generally, on the basis of their knowledge of the University and its resources and services. Each freshman is assigned to a Freshman Advisor during the Summer Orientation period and will meet with that advisor regularly during the Orientation period and throughout the academic year to arrange schedules, discuss academic and career plans, and address problems or concerns as they arise. These faculty advisors bring the special expertise of their disciplines to the advising process.

If, upon admission to the University, the student has indicated a preferred major, that student will be assigned a Freshman Advisor from the relevant department or program at the beginning of his or her studies. Students who have not identified a major field of study at the time of admission to the University work with advisors from University College who have a special expertise in advising undeclared students. University College Advisors work with undeclared students until a major field of study has been selected; once a major field of study has been declared, the student is assigned to a departmental advisor in his or her chosen field of study.