Wilkes University

Student Life at Wilkes: An Inclusive Community

Student Life

Creating and nurturing diversity of thought, culture, and belief are among the key values upon which Wilkes University was founded. These values are acknowledged in our motto, “Unity Amidst Diversity.” Thus, Wilkes welcomes and supports a diverse campus community and invites students of all races, ethnicities, religions, and other diverse backgrounds to join our University family. The members of the Wilkes faculty and staff are committed to providing mentorship and support to all Wilkes students in order to empower them to meet their full potential and to ensure student academic and personal success.

In an effort to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for students of all backgrounds, we offer a range of programs, services, and activities as diverse as our campus community:

  • an established and interconnected system of peer, faculty, and staff mentorship programs;
  • a rich and varied schedule of extra-curricular activities and opportunities, including social events, multicultural activities for students, faculty, and staff, concerts, recitals, theatre productions, readings, and lectures;
  • specialized and individualized support for international and minority students;
  • an extensive list of opportunities for community service, internships, service-learning, and leadership;
  • individualized academic advising;
  • career advising and counseling;
  • personal counseling and advising;
  • academic support services;
  • health and counseling services;
  • a variety of housing options, including the Multicultural Residence Hall and First-Year Student Living-Learning Communities;
  • accommodation for special dietary needs that includes attentiveness to religious and personal diet requirements;
  • a comprehensive resources library; and
  • a variety of merit- and need-based financial aid options. 

Wilkes University is a community of learning in which co-curricular and extra-curricular activities complement academic life. Students, faculty, and staff work together to promote individual student development by means of a variety of activities, programs, organizations, and cultural opportunities. All campus organizations are open to all students, and all function in collaboration with faculty advisors and the Student Affairs staff.

Resources, services, and activities pertaining to Student Life are outlined in the following section of this bulletin. Academic resources and support services are described in the “Academic Information” section of this bulletin.