Wilkes University

Academic Honors and Awards

The Deans' List

The faculty of Wilkes University grants recognition for work of the highest quality. Students who earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher for all courses taken are accorded special recognition by being named to the Dean's List in the School or College of their major degree program. The Dean's List is published at the end of each fall and spring term. Students who attempt fewer than 12 credit hours in any semester are not eligible for nomination to the Dean's List.

Honor Societies

Many national and international honor societies have established chapters at Wilkes University. Students are invited to join these societies on the basis of their academic achievement, service to the University, service to the community, or a combination of such activities and accomplishments. Honor societies at Wilkes University include

ALPHA CHI (Upper division students) PI KAPPA DELTA (Forensics)

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA (Sociology) PI SIGMA ALPHA (Political Science)

ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA (Part-time Students) PHI ALPHA THETA (History)

BETA BETA BETA (Biology) PSI CHI (Psychology)

CHI ALPHA EPSILON (Act 101 Students) RHO CHI (Pharmacy)

DELTA MU DELTA (Business and Accounting) SIGMA PI SIGMA (Physics)

ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering) SIGMA TAU DELTA (English)


LAMBDA PI ETA (Communications) SIGMA XI (Scientific Research)