Wilkes University

Challenge Examinations

After admission to Wilkes University, a student may request permission to take an examination demonstrating competence in a particular course. The interested student should apply to the appropriate department chairperson for permission to take a challenge examination. The chairperson will approve the student’s application in writing only if there is clear evidence that the student has adequate background in the field to attempt the examination. If denied a challenge examination, the student may appeal to the appropriate academic dean. The student may not challenge a course that he or she has previously failed.

A fee of $90 per credit will be assessed by the Financial Management Office for each approved challenge examination (see "Student Expenses"). The student must present to the chairperson of the department in which the examination is to be administered a receipt from the Financial Management Office; the receipt must be presented at least thirty days prior to the examination date. If the student successfully completes the challenge examination, credit for the course is awarded and posted to the student’s transcript. No grade or credit is recorded if the student does not pass the examination.