Wilkes University

Advanced Placement Program

Students who have passed one or more of the Advanced Placement (AP) Tests administered by the College Entrance Examination Board may request advanced placement in the University, the awarding of academic credit for AP course work, or both. Advanced Placement means that the student may enroll in a course at a level more advanced than the introductory level; a decision regarding advanced placement is made after review of the examination and applicant’s scores by the academic department concerned. The award of credit by virtue of qualifying AP test scores means that the student receives academic credit toward the hours required for graduation. Generally, academic credit will be granted for scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the Advanced Placement examination. Occasionally, a personal interview may be required before advanced placement or academic credit is awarded. No grades are assigned to the courses for which the student receives advanced placement credit. Information about specific course examinations and credit may be found by going to www.wilkes.edu and searching under "Advanced Placement." Additional information is available from the advisors in the Office of Prior Learning Assessment.