Wilkes University

Enrollment Status Policy

In determining enrollment status, Wilkes-University includes all credit courses offered through resident instruction and distance education. Credits earned by credit-by-exam or credit-by-portfolio, and courses enrolled as "audit" are excluded from the calculation. The reported enrollment status for the three enrollment periods (fall, spring and summer) is determined as follows:


Most undergraduate programs at Wilkes-University require full time enrollment (12 or more credits per semester). Note that most academic programs require between 14-18 credits each semester based on the progression of the curriculum.
Financial assistance from University sources requires full time enrollment. All institutional grants and scholarships are subject to this policy.
With the exception of the federal Pell Grant, all other sources of state and federal grants and loans require a minimum of half time enrollment (6 credits per semester).

Enrollment Chart:

Enrolled Credits
Enrollment Status
12+ Full-Time
9-11 Three Quarter Time
6-8 Half-Time
Less than 6 Less than Half-Time