Wilkes University

Wilkes-Misericordia-King's Cross-Registration

Wilkes University, Misericordia University, and King's College offer their students an opportunity
to cross-register at the other institutions. Students register through the Office of the Registrar of
the institution at which they are enrolled as degree candidates.

Cross-registration requires the signed permission of the Chair of the Department in which the
course would be offered at Wilkes University, and the student's Advisor. Only courses not
offered at Wilkes University are permitted for cross-registration. Exceptions to this must be
approved by the course Department Chairperson.

Courses carry full credit and grade value, and are considered part of the student's regular
course load. Grades for cross-registered courses appear on the Wilkes University transcript and
are included in the Grade Point Average. No additional tuition charges will be assessed unless
the student is carrying an overload (greater than 18 credits in one semester).

Students must register for cross-registration courses through the Registrar's Office at Wilkes
University at least two weeks prior to the start of class. Turning in this completed form to the
Wilkes Registrar's Office does not guarantee your entry into the other school's course. That is
determined by seat availability. You will be notified if the course is filled and this crossregistration
is denied by the other school's Registrar.