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Certificate In Cannabis and CBD Extraction

Certificate In Cannabis and CBD Extraction

The rapid growth and acceptance of both medical and recreational uses of cannabis will create a
demand for persons with expertise in various aspects of the industry. This would include chemists,
horticulturalists, medical practitioners, marketers, and pharmacists. Because cannabis is a federally controlled substance, there will also be a demand for people who understand the legal implications of its use. The certificate will enhance the employment opportunities for students who are currently enrolled at the university and also facilitate recruitment of professional students into the program. These students will be both part-time or fulltime status.

Course Plan:

[[PHA 461]] – Cannabis Law and Policy (1 Credit) (Cross-listed with [[PHS 461]])
[[PHA 462]] – Hemp Biology and Physiology of Hemp (3 Credits) (Cross Listed with [[BIO 363]] and
[[PHS 462]] Lab (1 Credit)
[[PHA 465]] - Therapeutics of Medicinal cannabis (3 Credits) Cross Listed with [[PHS 462]]
[[PHA 463]] - Cannabis and Cannabinoids (3 Credits) (Cross Listed with PHS 463)
This course will include history of cannabis, taxonomy, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, and
[[PHA 464]] – CBD Analysis and Extraction Lab (2 Credits) (Cross Listed with Chemistry Advanced
Separations Chemistry and Cross Listed with [[PHS 464]]
Fall or Spring
[[PHA 466]] – Capstone Research (3 Credits) Cross Listed with [[PHS 466]]