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Interdisciplinary Minors

Women's and Gender Studies

Director: Dr. Jennifer Thomas

Women's and Gender Studies Coordinating Committee:


Dr. Mischelle Anthony, English; Dr. Anne Batory, Sidhu School of Business ; Dr. Robert Bohlander, Psychology; Dr. Barbara Bracken, Mathematics; Dr. Mia Briceño, Communication Studies; Dr. Jane Elmes-Crahall, Communication Studies; Dr. Helen Davis, English; Dr. Maria Grandinetti, Nursing; Dr. Andreea Maierean, Political Science; ; Dr. Gina Morrison Global History and Languages; Dr. Ellen Newell, Psychology; Dr. Wagiha Taylor, Sidhu School of Business; Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Psychology; Dr. Robert Tuttle, Sociology; Dr. Diane Wenger, Global History and Languages; Dr. Andrew Wilczak, Sociology; Dr. Linda Winkler, Anthropology

Total minimum number of credits required for a minor in Women's and Gender Studies — 18.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Wilkes University welcomes students interested in the study of women, gender, sexuality, and feminism. This interdisciplinary program offers courses in a wide range of subject areas in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences, and Contemporary Arts.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Minor focuses on expanding traditional scholarship by studying the ways in which gender has structured intellectual and social traditions. The minor is designed to add a professionally and personally valuable concentration for students majoring in such areas as business, sociology, English, communications, psychology, and nursing, as well as for students in pre-medical and pre-law courses of study.



Students may earn the minor by taking Women’s Studies 301 in their junior or senior year and an additional 15 hours of designated Women’s and Gender Studies eligible courses. Students are additionally required to complete a capstone research project that addresses gender as a category of analysis in the Women’s Studies 301 course.  It is expected that students will have completed several Women’s and Gender Studies eligible courses before enrolling in Women’s Studies 301.   

Students who wish to declare the minor in Women’s and Gender Studies should contact the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Minors are also available in a variety of other fields including, but not limited to, Aerospace Studies, Art, Computer Engineering, Criminology, Dance, International Studies, Music, Neuroscience, Policy Studies, and Statistics. See the appropriate sections in this bulletin for details about these areas of minor study.

Recommended Course Sequence