Wilkes University

Global Cultures Minor

The Global Cultures Minor serves as a foundation for undergraduate students with an interest in cultures and an aim of informing their major courses of study with cultural knowledge. In close consultation with the Global Cultures (GC) Advisor, students will plan a coherent course of study that allows the construction of a unique curriculum leading to a focus in one global culture or a related issue, with the intention of integrating that knowledge into their career plans upon graduation or furthering their knowledge in this area through formal graduate studies.



The Minor in Global Cultures requires 18 credit hours, including GC-301 Global Cultures: Issues and Perspectives and at least 1, but no more than 2, foreign language courses at any level. In addition, students will choose 5 courses from among the GC-approved courses listed below or any course with a study abroad component. Students are also encouraged to select appropriate special topics courses according to area of interest, in consultation with the GC Advisor. Students cannot count more than two courses with the same designation toward the GC Minor without approval of the GC Advisor.

Understanding Cultures of the World

ANT-102 Cultural Anthropology

ANT-211 Anthropology Through Film

ANT-212 Peoples and Cultures of the World

COM-304 Intercultural Communication

ENG-233 Survey of British Literature

ENG-234 Survey of British Literature II

ENG-353 Postcolonial Literature

ENG-355 African American Literature

ENG-358 Contemporary Fiction

Philosophical or Political Differences

PHL-216 Violence and Nonviolence

PHL-244 Buddhist Thought

PHL-272 Philosophy of Religion

PHL-301 Origins of Western Thought

PS-141 Introduction to International Relations

PS-151 Introduction to Comparative Politics

PS-242 International Law and Organization

PS-251 European Politics

PS-354 Ecotourism in Costa Rica

History of Cultures and Global Forces

HST-341 History of Great Britain and the British Empire and Commonwealth

HST-342 History of Great Britain and the British Empire and Commonwealth

HST-352 The Renaissance and Global Connections

HST-353 Global Empires of the Eighteenth Century

HST-354 The Age of Revolutions in a Global Context

HST-355 The Nineteenth Century Global Order

HST-356 World War I and Interwar Period

HST-357 The World Since 1945

HST-376 World War II

Interacting in the World, Environment and Sustainability                   

SUS-401 Introduction to Sustainability

EES-210 Global Climate Change

FIN-358 International Finance

MGT-358 International Business (WGS)

STE-300 Study Tour Experience

Global Cultures

GC-253. Malaysia’s Modernity

Credits: 3

Examine and experience Malaysia’s unique brand of modernity, which is the result of a national push towards fully developed nation status. Technologically advanced, yet steeped in diverse traditional beliefs, Malaysia is the ideal place to study a modern, non-western culture through an exploration of the diverse and often contrasting beliefs and values, a task made easier by the fact that English is widely spoken and western ways are well-accepted. This three-credit course includes an optional two-week trip to Malaysia at an extra fee.

GC-301. Global Cultures: Issues and Perspectives

Credits: 3

A broad interdisciplinary introduction to the issues and theory underlying the study of global cultures, this course will address the global forces that contribute to the shaping of cultures, including: migration and diaspora, colonization, religion and spirituality, rights of women and children, health and poverty, privilege and class, indigenous peoples of the world, globalization, terrorism, war and trauma, environmental and cultural sustainability, cultural identity development, and the arts. Particular attention will be given to ethics and global citizenship. This course will serve as a foundation for students in choosing to further their studies in one global culture or issue of interest, in order to integrate this knowledge into their future careers.