Wilkes University

Study Tour Experience

STE-300. Study Tour Experience

Credits: 3

This course, intended for use by all departments, is designed to offer students the opportunity to experience another culture through an intensive period of study and travel abroad under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor. The Study Tour Experience has four components: a pre-travel orientation; the concentrated group travel experience; a writing emphasis; and a post-travel follow-up session. Students will be expected to keep a journal during the entire experience that will serve as a reference for the post-travel discussions and paper or project assignment. The travel itself ranges from ten to fourteen days and is scheduled during winter break intersession, spring break, or summer sessions. Scheduling is specifically intended to provide expanded travel opportunities for those students who might not otherwise be free to travel abroad within a semester due to the constraints of tightly sequenced courses within their majors. (10 classroom hours; 10-14 days of fieldwork)