Wilkes University


LDR-201. Introduction to Leadership

Credits: 3

The introductory course in the Leadership Studies major provides a general overview of the field of leadership, various definitions, models and theories of leadership, as well as an opportunity for students to understand, reflect, and practice leadership in the their environment. In addition, the Introduction to Leadership course will provide students with a basic introduction to leadership skills, provide opportunities to apply the leadership learning, and encourage students to learn more about the field by taking upper level courses.

LDR-202. Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice

Credits: 3

This course is designed to build upon fundamental leadership theory and further explore historical, classic, and contemporary leadership theories, models and perspectives within a variety of contexts. The course addresses the use and usefulness of various leadership styles and models in the decision-making process. Emphasis is placed on the student's personal growth and development. Through a series of self-assessments, students explore their personal leadership style. The class includes presentations and projects focused on increasing leadership skills.

LDR-461. Capstone in Leadership

Credits: 3

This course is designed to provide a capstone experience in which students apply their accumulated knowledge, skills and abilities in leadership. The course will include both an in-class component and a cooperative education (see Cooperative Education section of this Bulletin for placement procedures), independent study, and/or an experiential component.