Wilkes University


ANT-101. Introduction to Anthropology

Credits: 3

A general survey of the processes that generate human cultural and biological variation through time and among contemporary human groups. An introduction to cultural and physical anthropology, archaeology, and anthropological linguistics.

ANT-102. Cultural Anthropology

Credits: 3

A detailed examination of the methods and theories employed in the description and comparison of human cultures, as applied to problems in intercultural relations. Course content is based upon case and cross-cultural studies.

ANT-211. Anthropology Through Film

Credits: 3

A general survey of the use of still photography and cinematography in the depiction of the content of various cultures.

ANT-212. Peoples and Cultures of the World

Credits: 3

An overview of social organizations, ethnicity, and cultural developments in various regions of the world: North American native Americans, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia. Topics are rotated. The contributions of ecological, economic, political and ideological factors to the region's social system are examined in regard to present cultural obligations.

ANT-399. Cooperative Education

Credits: 1-6

Professional cooperative education placement in a private or public organization related to the student's academic objectives and career goals. In addition to their work experience, students are required to submit weekly reaction papers and an academic project to a Faculty Coordinator in the student's discipline. (See the Cooperative Education section of this Bulletin for placement procedures.)

Sophomore standing, minimum 2.0 cumulative average, consent of academic advisor, and approval of placement by the department chairperson.