Wilkes University

Degree-Seeking Students

Regular admission is granted to students who have completed all requirements of the application process and who have demonstrated an acceptable level of academic work in their undergraduate degree program, including meeting program-specific, minimum GPA requirements and demonstrating preparedness for work at the graduate level in their field of specialization.

Provisional admission is granted to students who have not satisfied general or academic admissions requirements including missing documentation or insufficient prerequisite coursework for regular admission. Some graduate programs may allow a provisionally admitted student to begin graduate work before or simultaneously with completion of admissions deficiencies. Individual programs will determine the maximum number of graduate credits a provisional student may complete. Upon completion of the designated, maximum number of graduate credits, a provisionally admitted student will either be granted regular admission or denied admission into a graduate program. Under extraordinary circumstances a student may petition the Program Director or Chair of the Department, as applicable, for an extension to the number of allowable credits.

Conditional admission is granted to students who have demonstrated inadequate scores or academic performance, including failure to meet the minimum GPA requirement.  To change to regular status, the conditionally admitted student must maintain a satisfactory GPA, as determined by the specific department of study, during the first X credit hours (typically six credits.) 

Rejection will be used in cases when a student fails to meet the general or academic admissions requirements of the individual program of study.

Cancellation. Applicants who have not fully completed the admission process, and who have not yet started taking academic classes, will have one year to complete their application file. Should the process not be completed within that timeframe, the application will be cancelled one year after the date of application.

Additionally, students who have completed the admission process and received a decision, but have not yet started taking academic courses, will have their applications cancelled one year after the date of acceptance. Students who are still interested in an academic program thereafter will be required to reapply to the program.
It should be noted that individual graduate programs retain the right to impose more rigorous conditions on students who have been admitted. Such conditions, if imposed, will be detailed in the letter of admission sent to the student.