Wilkes University

University Identification Cards

Wilkes University provides a photo identification card (University ID card) to all of its eligible employees and students; additionally, University approved contracted personnel will be issued a University ID card. The University ID card will be used to identify all persons affiliated and employed by the University in order to facilitate safety and security; allow the cardholder access to specific areas, services and resources; and provide other privileges as designated by the University and/or its departments. All persons affiliated with and employed by the University are required to carry their University ID card at all times.

The University ID card is intended to serve as proof of an individual's status with the University. Depending on one's status with the University, access and privileges are restricted based on specific requirements. All eligible employees, students and University-approved contracted personnel who have been issued a University ID card are required to provide the card when properly requested by an agent of the University.

If the person refuses to furnish the University ID card he/she will be removed from the building/premises and/or subject to disciplinary action. Each University ID card is the property of the University; anyone who alters or intentionally mutilates the University ID card, who uses the University ID card of another, or who allows his/her University ID card to be used by another is subject to disciplinary action.

If a card is lost or stolen it can be replaced at the University Service Center (UCOM Parkade) during regular hours of operation. A fee of $30 will be charged to the student's account.

Wilkes University's ID Card distribution point is located at the University Service Center, 1st Floor, 148 S. Main Street (UCOM Parkade).