Wilkes University

Master's Programs Tuition and Fees

M.A. in Creative Writing

$750 per credit hour

M.F.A. in Creative Writing

$675 per credit hour

M.A. in Creative Writing 

$675 per credit hour

Application Fee


Acceptance Deposit

$300 (one-time fee)

General University Fee Creative Writing

$84 per credit hour

Thesis Reader Fee

$500 (one-time fee)

Residency Fee -- CW501, CW510, CW516, CW616

$200 (one-time fee)


$800 per credit hour

M.S. in Education*

$538 per credit hour

M.S. In Bioengineering

M.S. in Engineering Management



$1,000 per credit hour

$1,000 per credit hour

$1,000 per credit hour

$1,000 per credit hour

M.S. (Mathematics, Mathematics Education)

M.S.N. (Nursing)

$1,000 per credit hour

$728 per credit hour


Application Fee

$45 (one-time fee)

Online Graduate Admission

$35 (one-time fee)

Online Non-Degree, Graduate Ed

$35 (one-time fee)

Online International Graduate

$65 (one-time fee)

Audit Fee

One-half of tuition cost

Challenge Examination Fee

$90 per credit hour

IEP - Intensive English Tuition

$4,999 per semester

Engineering Lab Fee

$115 per class

General Fee

$86 per credit hour

Graduation Fee

$170 (charged to all graduating students in their last semester)

Nursing Dissertation Binding Fee

$48 per copy

Transcript Fee

$15 per copy


Individual departments have the right to charge laboratory and breakage fees as appropriate.

Third-Party Billing and Deferred Payment forms are available on the Wilkes web site. These forms must be submitted each semester.

Note: The Bursar's Office is prohibited from signing graduation clearance forms until any outstanding balance is paid in full. Graduates who have requested the deferred payment option must pay the final semester balances personally before clearance forms are signed (or have a written guarantee from their employer that the amount will be paid to Wilkes regardless of course completion or final grade). Those prospective graduates not complying with the above policy will not be cleared until actual payment is received from their employer.