Wilkes University

Center for Global Education and Diversity

The Center for Global Education and Diversity fosters Wilkes' mission of educating students "in a constantly evolving and multicultural world." The Center provides institutional and regional leadership and programming in global education and diversity issues. The Center advises, supports, and advocates for students from underrepresented groups and international students who have come to the US to study at Wilkes. The Center brings diversity and a global perspective to the Wilkes community by sponsoring campus- wide programs to develop a broader understanding of the world and providing support in matters of diversity, internationalization, and inclusion. The Center is an important resource and support for all areas of the University. The Center is composed of three offices: International Student Services, the Office of Diversity Initiatives, and the Office of International Engagement. Services of the Center include:

  • Support for students from underrepresented groups such as women, ethnic and religious minorities, gay/lesbian/transsexual/transgender, and individuals with disabilities;
  • Support for international students, faculty, and staff;
  • Multicultural programming;
  • Global Hub and Colonel Closet Extension (8:30-4:30)—lounge with workspace, t.v., computers, coffee
  • International & Diversity Graduation Celebration Reservations for the Savitz Lounge in the Henry Student Center.
  • Oversight of IFARHU scholarship program and Panamanian students from admission through graduation

Staffing for the Center:

Georgia Costalas, Ed.D., Executive Director (georgia.costalas@wilkes.edu)
Erica Acosta, Director of Diversity Initiatives (erica.acosta@wilkes.edu)
Crystal Cool, Assistant Director of International Student Services (crystal.cool@wilkes.edu)
Madison Becker,Assistnat Director, Office of International Engagement (madison.becker@wilkes.edu)
Yeison Santamaria, Program Coordinator, Office of International Engagement (yeison.santamaria@wilkes.edu)
MaryEllen McLean, Assistant, International Student Services, (Maryellen.mclean@wilkes.edu)

The Center is located in the Max Roth Center at the corner of South Franklin and West South Streets. The Center's staff may be reached by calling (570) 408-7854 (or ext. 7854 from a campus phone) or by writing to Dr. Costalas (georgia.costalas@wilkes.edu).