Wilkes University

Regulations for Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a course during the first week of the semester by informing the instructor, completing a withdrawal form that is co-signed by the student and the student's advisor, and submitting the signed form to the program and the Registrar's Office within the first week of the semester. For withdrawal after the first week, see program specific processes for withdrawal.  A student may withdraw from a course only for serious circumstances, as determined by the Department Chairperson or the Director/Coordinator of the appropriate graduate program in consultation with the instructor. A mark of "W" indicates an authorized withdrawal from the course. Students are advised that withdrawing from a course(s) may have financial implications; see sections on "Refunds" and "Withdrawal-Return of Financial Aid Funds" in this bulletin for more information.

It is the student's responsibility to initiate withdrawal from a course by obtaining the withdrawal form from the Registrar's Office, having it signed by the appropriate personnel, and returning it to the Registrar's Office within within the tenth-week period. A grade of "0" is assigned by the instructor and recorded for all courses in which no official withdrawal, as specified above, has been completed by the student.

"W" is not a grade; it does not constitute a reflection of academic performance within a course. The appropriate grade for academic performance below the minimum standard for course credit is "0."

A "W" granted after the first week of the semester reflects a decision on the part of the student, after consultation with the instructor and advisor, not to be enrolled in a course. A "W" granted after the tenth week of the course constitutes recognition and agreement by the student, instructor, and advisor, that, due to some extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control, enrollment in that course is not possible or feasible.