Wilkes University

Master's Thesis Policy

  1. Upon approval of the thesis topic, the student and the advisor will identify the objectives, develop a timetable, and plan the distribution of credits in that timetable. This written plan will be placed in the student's files in the department office.
  2. The student shall be continuously registered for a minimum of one thesis credit up to and including the semester that he/she defends the thesis and submits the final copies of the thesis.
  3. The thesis objectives should be completed within the allocated number of credits and within the timetable developed. Thesis requirements vary from program to program.  Students should consult with their thesis advisor and understand all thesis requirements for their individual program.
  4. Students registered for thesis credits will be awarded a grade reflecting the level and the quality of work conducted for that semester. Incomplete and audit designations are explicitly excluded as thesis grades.
  5. The satisfactory completion of the thesis is indicated by passing the oral examination and obtaining the necessary approvals from the Thesis advisor,  the thesis committee (if required), the Department Chairperson/program director, and the Dean of the respective college or school.
  6. Student appeals to any provisions in this policy shall be to the Thesis Advisor, the Department, and finally to the Graduate Studies Committee.

Subsequently the accepted theses and dissertations will be archived, either in bound or in digital format.  See the individual program requirements and
fees for binding. For thesis binding fees, see section on Fees and Expenses