Wilkes University

General Notes On Academic Standing and Dismissal

There may be more stringent programmatic requirements regarding this policy. Students should be sure to review the appropriate section of this bulletin pertaining to their respective program.

 In order for a student to maintain good academic standing in graduate programs, the student must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher at and after the point of completing 9 credits in his/her respective program. The 9 credit probationary allowance provides a student the opportunity to demonstrate his/her academic ability. After completing 9 credits, a graduate student whose GPA drops below a 3.0 will be dismissed from his/her respective program. Students who are dismissed may retake a course or courses as a non-degree student, which provides for the opportunity to replace one or more of their deficient grades. If the student is successful in moving his/her GPA above the 3.0 level, he/she may re-apply for acceptance into his/her program.

Only courses with grades below a 3.0 may be taken for grade replacement. If a student elects to take a course for grade replacement, the higher grade earned will be counted in the calculation of the GPA. For example, if a student earns a 2.0 and replaces the grade and earns a 2.5, the higher grade (2.5) would be used in the GPA calculation. Courses may be repeated for grade replacement only one time. Note: Students must also meet all degree requirements in addition to maintaining an acceptable GPA.

Individual programs/departments may have more stringent academic progression requirements than those prescribed by the general policies. Students are urged to review program-specific academic progression requirements that may be described in the section of this bulletin pertaining to their respective program.

A student who is dismissed from the graduate program may request a review of the case by the Graduate Studies Committee . The request should be submitted in written form to the Dean of the appropriate college or school, who will coordinate with the Graduate Studies Committee.