Wilkes University

Degree Requirements

Students may be awarded the master's degree upon satisfactory completion of all graduate degree requirements and the following specific requirements:

  1. A completed file (application, application fee, official transcripts, copy of teaching certificate, letters of recommendation, any required testing, and any other individual program requirements for admission).
  2. Regular admission into a graduate program;
  3. Satisfactory completion of all requirements for the degree to be completed within six calendar years following admission into the program of study. A student may request an extension to complete the degree beyond the six year limit. That request should be submitted in writing to the program director/department chair no later than the semester before the six year limit. The respective college or school Dean will review the request and consult with appropriate parties (graduate program director, chairperson, or advisor) and will notify the student and the appropriate administrative offices of the final decision.
  4. A minimum average of 3.0 for all graduate work (see Grade Regulations);
  5. If a thesis is required, the candidate should:
    1. Be accepted by a thesis advisor and an Advisory Committee before completion of nine hours of graduate study;
    2. Submit an acceptable thesis in the required format and quantity of copies no later than three weeks prior to the commencement at which the degree is to be conferred;
    3. Arrange for publication of the thesis. (see Thesis Policy);

Specific requirements for graduate degrees will be found within each of the degree programs described in the following sections.

Students CANNOT substitute other courses for any of the required core courses in any program without the express written consent of the program.