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Dean: Deborah A. Zbegner, Ph.D., CRNP, WHNP-BC;  Associate Professor

Chair: Patricia Sweeney PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC; Associate Professor

The Passan School of Nursing Faculty reserves the right to revise the Graduate Nursing Program requirements and policies as deemed necessary at any time to prepare students for new and emerging roles in nursing.

Polices of the Passan School of Nursing Graduate Nursing Program may be more stringent than other University graduate programs. The Passan School of Nursing Graduate Program Student Handbook details these policies and is available at Nursing Graduate Student Handbook.

State Requirements for Online/Distance education

State authorization is the legal mandate that requires higher education institutions to be in compliance with the laws and regulations of each state where it conducts business. Each state has the authority to regulate educational activities that are delivered within and across its borders, including distance/online education. Additionally, states have the right to determine the process by which out-of-state colleges and universities can obtain approval. The need for higher education institutions to seek such approval depends on the requirements of each state's regulations and the types of activities an institution is conducting in the state. There can be significant consequences to institutions that are not in compliance with state authorization regulations, so Wilkes University takes this requirement very seriously. 

Further details can be obtained at State Authorization and Registration

Additional fees exist for software products employed in graduate nursing programs, which promote student achievement of course outcomes in the distance education environment.

*Fees are subject to change.

 Category Course(s) Required  Approximate Fee
 Shadow Health NSG 500, 550, and 526 Fees vary based upon number of courses using the software

All clinical, research, and practicum courses for RN to M.S.N., M.S.N., Post Graduate/APRN Certificate, D.N.P. program students; Ph.D. program students, if deemed necessary based upon dissertation focus

Varies by state of residence; range $100.00-$300.00; one-time fee

Students may be required to pay a CastleBranch Bridge fee based upon requirements of the health care agency.

 RPNow® NSG 500, 530, 533, 552, 550, and most NP theory courses $15.00/test
 Typhon Nurse practitioner clinical courses $90.00; one-time fee
 Residency Final clinical courses for NP students based upon location of precepted clinical settings. Students are responsible for all expenses related to the residency.
Rosh Review
Initial payment in NSG 500, with final payment in subsequent NP specialty didactic courses. $253.50; in two consecutive semester
 SPSS  NSG 601 and Ph.D. program courses Price varies based upon source of package chosen; minimum $50.00 

Professional Liability Insurance for Students in Clinical/Practicum Courses

Clinical, research, and practicum courses when completion of clinical hours and/or research are a course requirement The fee is collected by the university for each clinical, research, or practicum course; $30.00/clinical, research, or practicum course
D.N.P. Project/Ph.D. Dissertation Binding                                            NSG 608b and NSG 631

$45.00 on time fee when enrolled in these courses.

PhD program students will utilize the ProQuest platform at this fee. 

Graduation Degree/ Certification Audit Completed the last semester of each program to validate all terms are met for program completion, the graduation ceremony, and degree/certification conferral.  $170.00
Dissertation Examination Retake NSG 628 $50.00/second retake