Wilkes University


Chairperson: Dr. Barbara A. Bracken

The courses of study are intended for:

  1. Those with an undergraduate degree from a traditional mathematics program. For the degree in mathematics, a student who has met admission requirements can take up to half of the required 30 credits in computer science.
  2. Current or prospective teachers of mathematics who wish to enhance their training in either educational methodology or in mathematics/computer science itself.
  3. Those who plan to continue their studies beyond the master's level in e mathematics.


To be considered for admission, the applicant must submit the following:

  1. A completed graduate application for admission with payment of appropriate application fee
  2. Two letters of recommendation from previous academic faculty and/or from current or previous supervisors, if employed.
  3. A complete set of official undergraduate transcripts from all academic institutions previously attended.

Master of Science in Mathematics

Applicants are expected to have had undergraduate courses in each of the following three areas: linear algebra/matrix theory, advanced calculus or real variables, and abstract algebra. Students deficient in one or more of these areas may still be admitted into the program, but are required to make up all deficiencies early in their graduate studies.

Master of Science in Education

Admission requirements for the Department of Education are described under the header "Secondary Education" earlier in this bulletin.