Wilkes University

Graduate Certificate In Sustainability Management

Graduate Certificate In Sustainability Management

Program Director: Marleen Troy, Ph.D.

The online certificate in Sustainability Management is a 12-credit program that trains students in environmental sustainability standards and management practices. This program will equip students with the knowledge to take on and implement sustainability-related projects in the workplace by providing:

  • a comprehensive overview of sustainability standards
  • effective assessment practices
  • the tools to design a sustainability plan and implement solutions in the workplace

The Sustainability Management program is appropriate for students of most educational and professional backgrounds, including those working in:

  • education
  • health care
  • commercial real estate
  • manufacturing
  • non-profits
  • government

This unique learning opportunity is offered in a condensed subject-focused format, allowing students to complete the program in as little as 16 months, all while taking one class at a time. Credit is available at the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as for professional continuing education. To earn the certificate students must complete the following course series:

  • SUS 501 - Introduction To Sustainability
  • SUS 502 - Metrics Of Sustainability
  • SUS 503 - Sustainability Implementation
  • SUS 504 - Industry-Focused Sustainability

Degree Requirements

All candidates for the online certificate in Sustainability Management must complete a program of twelve (12) credits.