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Digital and Social Media Marketing Certificate

Digital and Social Media Marketing Certificate

The Digital & Social Media Marketing certificate for students who wish to enhance their understanding of the business world specifically as it relates to digital and social media marketing.

Admissions Requirements

Applications are invited from individuals who have earned undergraduate or graduate degrees in any discipline or field of study. To be considered for admission, the applicant must submit the following to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • A completed graduate application for admission.
  • A complete set of official undergraduate transcripts as evidence of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education.

Required Courses

Students will be required to complete MBA 520 Marketing Management, MBA 526 Global eBusiness, MBA 528: Social Media Marketing, and MBA 529 Topics in Marketing or MBA536 International Business.

This course presents a strategic foundation for marketing decision-making. It seeks to develop students' understanding and implementation of key marketing strategies such as internal and external environmental analysis, product targeting and positioning, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Emphasis is placed on written and verbal communications skill development.

This course provides students with solid experience in creating market data-driven e-business strategies for the future success of a global business. The course examines an application of statistical and information analysis to marketing decisions in (international business related) electronic environments. At the end of the course, the students will be expected to: (1) appreciate the need for Global E-business for business success internationally, (2) understand basic concepts of E-Business and E-Commerce, (3) develop suitable business strategies and critical decision making for E-Marketing, (4) understand how to make an E-marketing initiative as an integral part of the business through research in digital and social media based companies, and (5) develop an ability to use and apply electronic business analytics, methods, and tools to make effective marketing decisions in a simulated environment across different cultures and countries. Course activities will likely include case studies, term projects, etc. Prerequisite: MBA 520.

This course is designed to help you understand how marketing has changed due to the rise of social media and changes in various underlying contextual factors, such as dramatically increased speed of information dissemination across consumers and brands. The overarching goal is to obtain a clear perspective on what’s really going on in social media marketing so that you can begin to appreciate its true value to consumers, to managers, and to other corporate stakeholders. It will equip you with the relevant knowledge, perspectives, and practical skills required to develop marketing strategies that leverage the opportunities inherent in social media and consumer-to-consumer social interactions for achieving business and marketing goals. Prerequisite: MBA 520.
This course will address select advanced topics in marketing. Topics include, but are not limited to, Marketing Research, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Consumer Behavior, Retailing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and International Marketing. Prerequisite: MBA 520.

This course​ is designed to acquaint students with the practical principles and methods of international business practices. Subjects covered include the development and management of exports and imports, the functions and forms of the global monetary system, tariffs protection against foreign competition and how tariffs encourage other countries to retaliate with their own tariffs, as well as effects of economic, political, social, cultural, and legal systems on international business managers. Also, explored direct foreign investments; foreign exchange management; world trade organization; direct foreign investments; international trade logistics; and Protection. Prerequisite: MBA 550.