Wilkes University


EDIL-5001. Vision and Mission to Guide International Schools

Credits: 3

Vision and Mission to Guide International Schools: This course enables participants to examine the importance of a school’s vision and mission and identify methods to create a vision and mission that provide guiding principles for school direction. Students will explore processes to implement the vision and mission within a school and recognize how it should be regularly reviewed for its success and/or continuing appropriateness.

EDIL-5002. Leading for Staff and Student Learning in International Schools

Credits: 3

This course equips future international school leaders with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement appropriate curriculum across grade levels. Students will learn how to make strong instructional decisions that are based on data as various approaches are taken to meet students’ needs and support life-long learning.

EDIL-5003. Governance in International Schools

Credits: 3

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to effectively govern a school board, as positive relationships are built with members, guidance in decision- making is provided, and each member is assisted to define their individual role and responsibilities. Participants will recognize the importance of a partnership that is exemplified by effective communication with the board in formal meetings, written reports, development plans, and professional dialogue. Participants will demonstrate their ability to successfully direct a board by creating an action plan.

EDIL-5004. International School Management and Leadership

Credits: 3

This course focuses on the many and varied responsibilities that a school leader takes on. These include that the mission and vision are clearly communicated to the school community and that they guide managerial and leadership decisions. Participants will demonstrate the importance of creating and maintaining systems and procedures through the use of technology to ensure the efficient and cost effective implementation of the educational program. Participants will identify a variety of leadership and management styles, explore examples of processes and procedures for school management, and investigate how to efficiently manage resources within a school.

EDIL-5005. Building and Sustaining a Healthy International School Culture

Credits: 3

This course examines how school leaders can exercise effective cross-cultural communication to the wider school community and local communities as diversity is embraced and celebrated. Participants will learn how to promote cultural awareness as well as how to rectify conflicts and provide support while being sensitive to multi-national groups of students, families, and staff.

EDIL-5006. Ethical Leadership in International Schools

Credits: 3

This course enables participants to examine how to exercise leadership practices and high-principled beliefs and values in the daily operations of a school. Participants will apply laws, regulations, and procedures wisely and deeply investigate the role of ethical leadership.

EDIL-5007. Situational Awareness and Diplomacy in International Schools

Credits: 3

This course introduces students to the complexity of the legal and cultural situations within which they will be leading and managing. Participants will examine the importance of establishing a positive relationship with the school’s local community, as its beliefs and values are recognized.