Wilkes University

Student Testimonials

Kristen CookWhen I came to Tanzania, I had no intention of learning about myself or about America. I wanted to focus on learning about the culture here. But, while I learned so much about the community and activities here, I unexpectedly ended up reflecting and learning about America too. I feel like I will return a more compassionate and appreciative person, and in that way I will try to channel the wonderful people I’ve met here. 

~ Kirstin Cook
Class of 2012


Christine ShanebergerThe will to succeed is so strong here. It makes me evaluate how much has been handed to me in America. Too often, education is treated as an unwelcome obligation. Education is such a privilege and should be treated as such. I think the children here are wise beyond their years. They understand the importance of every opportunity they are afforded and are so grateful.   ~

~ Christine Shaneberger
Class of 2012

Lisa Bova

Karagwe, Tanzania is a magical place where the people are more than just welcoming and the atmosphere is beautiful. After spending just one month there, I already found myself starting to connect with a number of people, and am yearning to return one day. Visiting Karagwe was a life changing experience for me. 

~ Lisa Bova
Class of 2011