PPD 302

- Negotiation Poker

    o Enhance your conflict negotiation skills while competing against your classmates!

- Authentic Leadership

    o Learn the 7 C’s of authentic leadership

- Managing Conflict

    o Learn the different types of conflict and resolution strategies

- Leadership Ethics

    o Learn how to be an ethical leader and understand different perspectives on ethical leadership

- Leading Teams

    o Learn the different types of team and stages of team development and change

- Values in Leadership

    o Learn the different concepts of leadership and how we view leaders

- Leading with Authority

    o Learn the roots of authority and how to balance the use of authoritative leadership

- Diversity and Ethical Leadership

    o Understand the importance of ethics in a corporation and how to promote an ethical work climate

- Multicultural Organizations

    o Be able to define the problems and opportunities of a diverse organization

- Importance of Tolerance

    o Become a tolerant leader and participate in activities designed to teach diversity appreciation

- Leaders as Relationship Builders

    o Examine company’s in the forefront of diversity management