PPD 301

- Systems Thinking
o Dissect various systems and be sure to understand the whole, not just the parts!
- Systems Intelligence
o Learn the simplest ways to use systems intelligence in your everyday life
- Catalysts of Change
o Understand how to initiate and manage change and how to evaluate the process of change
- Learning Organizations
o What is a learning organization and how does it fit into the puzzle of systems thinking?
- Mental Models and Mindsets
o Learn about mindset mastery through hands-on activities
- Shared Visions
o Understand how a shared vision generates learning and communication
- Principles of Coaching
o Learn what a coach does and then become one!
- Coaching Tips
o Understand the most successful coaching styles and celebrate your successes with your coachee
- Communication
o Play Bargna and learn how to better communicate both verbally and non-verbally
- Diversity
o Learn the basics of living in a diverse society
- Cultural Competencies
o What makes up a culture and how can we increase diversity in our culture?
- Raising Awareness
o Raise awareness of diversity and facilitate communication across cultural boundaries