PPD 202

Course Description
Personal and Professional Development 201 is the third course in a required 7-sequence of Personal and Professional Development opportunities in the Jay S. Sidhu business and leadership curriculum at Wilkes University. The PPD series adds value and depth to your learning program by explicitly targeting personal and professional competency, assessment, development, practice, and evaluation. The PPD series is designed to engage a cohort group of students in a four-year advisement and development program. In the fourth semester students will continue to examine their knowledge, values, learning, and personality styles, and competencies with a focus on making career choices: graduate school, workforce participation, preparation, and other opportunities. Students will implement their team’s proposed service learning project (SCA Project) with a focus on helping other to develop career competencies. The teams will coordinate a seminar with a career preparation focus. They will develop a personal marketing plan, which will guide their course selection, work and volunteer experiences, extracurricular activities, and personal and professional development experiences for the next few years.

Student Learning Objectives
The student will:
- Be knowledgeable about his/her talents and competencies
- Read material about and participate in discussions on the connections among leadership, emotional competency, and occupation/life success
- Define and apply concepts listed in the content, competencies, and sensitive areas in the course syllabus
- Acquire the basic skills and attitudes for successful entry to the world of work
- Recognize career opportunities
- Be prepared to acquire new sills and new knowledge to take advantage of those opportunities
- Develop competency needed to be effective career initiators
- Appreciate education as a life-long continuing process

Development for the Future
This semester students will not only attend but plan, execute, and evaluate several professional seminars focusing on various career areas. Seminar topics covered in the past included: Sports Marketing/Management, Pharmaceutical Marketing/Sales, Careers in Sales, Real Estate, Financial Careers, Accounting Careers, Internships, and a Dress for Success/Etiquette, Networking Reception. Students will further develop their Career and Interest Action Plan, from PPD 201, into a Personal Marketing Plan. The student will be challenged to develop a much more extensive personal marketing plan with themselves being the product.

Social Cyclical Awareness
Student’s team’s service-learning project, proposed in PPD 201, will be implemented in this semester. Teams will give back to the community by focusing on a career/education and development project based on the needs of the client the team has chosen to work with.

Continuing Acitivities
Cohort teams will also continue, from PPD 101 and 102, to create role plays based on assigned self competencies.