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Welcome to the resources page for Wilkes LIVE, or Desire2Learn (D2L), or BrightSpace, is the Wilkes Learning Management System (LMS). Here you will find information about some of the tools available in LIVE, helpful tips and tricks, system updates and other pertinent info that will help you utilize and navigate the LMS more effectively.

LIVE provides instructors the opportunity to facilitate their classes online, share documents, lectures, and other media with students quickly and easily, administer tests and quizzes, and store and release grades. However, you do not need to teach online to use Wilkes LIVE! Every course, whether it be face-to-face, hybrid, or online-only, automatically generates a Wilkes LIVE area for the instructor to utilize to their personal specifications. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use LIVE to post your course syllabus.
  • Use it for group work through the Wiigio tool.
  • “Flip your classroom” and provide students with pre-recorded lectures, using valuable in-person class time to work through questions and labs.
  • Use the LIVE dropbox with the Turnitin integration to easily check the originality of student work. 
  • You can even grade your student’s homework submissions from your tablet using the Assignment Grader app (iOS and Android).

Interested in providing your students a 21st century course experience? Make an appointment with an Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning instructional designer, and we can set up the perfect LIVE space for you.

What's New in LIVE (October 2017)

D2L updates the BrightSpace Learning Environment and other components on a monthly basis, so users no longer have to wait long periods of time for bug fixes or new features. Here we will post the monthly update and link to the release videos. Check back every month for a summary of the latest updates and enhancements that are relevant to our users.


Resources, Tips and Tricks

Visit the D2L Brightspace Community Website for in-depth user guides, user blogs, videos and a host of other useful resources. Learn about the annual D2L conference and other regional events, webinars and workshops - all designed to help you utilize the system to its fullest capacity. You can sign up to receive event announcements so you are always "in the know" about upcoming opportunities to learn about our LMS.

New to D2L? You will want to review some of the foundational information about navigation, basic tools and how to get started using it for your courses. We suggest you start here, but also contact us for one-on-one training and to get a full list of features available in our platform.

To get started, view our Course Creation Guide.

Video Tutorials - Visit the BrightSpace YouTube channel for a comprehensive set of video tutorials on BrightSpace.

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