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Wilkes Honors Program FAQs

Wilkes Honors Program FAQS

Incoming, first-year students who have been accepted to Wilkes University and meet the academic achievement requirements (minimum SAT score of 1100 and/or top 20 percent of high school class) are invited to apply to the program.

Each year, 40 to 50 students are selected to the program.

The program is designed to fulfill most honors requirements with existing core or major requirements. Each student has a slightly different path of self-discovery that may require some additional credits. Students will not be charged for any additional credits taken during fall and spring semesters that exceed the maximum allowable under full-time tuition.

  • scholarship opportunities
  • abroad and research
  • dedicated housing for residential honors students
  • preferential course selection
  • no additional cost for course overload related to honors work, as approved by academic advisors
  • additional support for external scholarships, graduate school placement, career placement
  • special notation on transcript and recognition at commencement
  • field trips, dinners and access to notable speakers visiting campus
  • access to a network of Wilkes University Honors Program graduates

All incoming, first-year students meeting the minimum academic criteria receive an invitation from the honors program office to complete an online application (application deadline of Jan. 31). The Honors Selection Committee will review all applications and invite selected students to an interview for further consideration. Students are invited to interview based on the quality and content of their application. After all interviews with selected applicants are completed, those accepted to the program will be notified.

Timing of interview invitations depends on the volume of applications. Interviews will begin in mid-January through February. The earlier one submits an application the sooner a decision will be made regarding interview status.