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honor students reading a bookCourses caring honors designations will address, minimally one of the core values of the program: leadership, integrity (demonstrated learning of ethics and values), self-awareness (emphasis on self-reflection), academic rigor (beyond academic expectations of regular section offerings), importance of building community and appreciating diversity.

FYF 101 – First Year Foundations – 3 Credits

Honors students take a special FYF class. Past FYF learning communities have focused on the dynamic aspects of leadership, allowing students to reflect on individual leadership characteristics and develop a plan for self-discovery that will prepare them to be a leader in connection with his/her primary academic interests. 

Honors Students Pose

And Honors 

“And Honors” (&H) courses are designed to delve more deeply into a subject, often with additional theory and its application. Students will be asked to address more sophisticated material and required to deliver a supplemental project (or projects) as designed by the instructor and approved by the Honors Advisory Council (HAC). These courses may be part of the general education or major requirements and course offerings change every semester. 

Honors Conversion Courses 

Available to students during their junior and senior year, honors conversion allows any course to provide honors credit when an honors section for that course does not exist. 

The honors component for the course is determined following an assessment of needs of the student, survey of available resources, and interests of the teaching faculty. Requests are approved by the HAC. 

Additionally, study abroad and internships are treated as conversion courses. 

HNR 390 – Honors Capstone – 1 Credit

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